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De que cor é o teu amor?

Posted by quironn em 13 Junho 2007

What Colour Is Your Love?The Blue Heart

The blue heart is sensitive and shy. It is also very calm and realistic. It is easily prone to hurt or sadness, but looks at situations from the other person’s point of view, and comes off as understanding and forgiving.

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3 Respostas to “De que cor é o teu amor?”

  1. gitas said

    The Purple Heart

    The purple heart may be vain and picky when chosing a partner. It strives for perfection and is not amused by lack of. The purple heart can sometimes be seen as controlling or bossy, but it’s a confident leader, and knows it deserves it’s high expectations.

    lololol 🙂

  2. vitoria said

    Também me deu o purple heart!!
    Gostava de ser mais rosa ou azul,mas então:(

  3. quironn said

    olhem-me só duas meninas púrpuras! Como a cor do blogue de quironn 🙂

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